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Strength & Conditioning

Your Coach will bring you through a warm up, brief you on the workout, assist with proper scaling or modifications if needed and provide a strategy for the best execution. Finishing off with a light stretching/cool down. Classes take the full hour so please show up on time. All exercises can be modified to any level of fitness.
We do not provide childcare, however children are welcome provided they can stay in our designated play area

Open Gym

This is an athletes choice class (not coach led). Athletes can focus on a specific movement or lift, practice some gymnastic drills, work on conditioning, or get in some extra accessory work. Athletes can also come in to complete the workout of the day or another workout of their choosing. This class is open to everyone. There is a coach there to assist with any questions or guidance.



This class dedicated to bodybuilding style isolation and accessory workouts


This is a cardio focused group fitness class. Exercises will be completed in segments of timed work/rest (tabata style) in a rotating circuit format. All fitness levels welcome!



Lift focuses on bringing you the 3 main power lifts - back squat, deadlift, and bench press; along with incorporating shoulder press, front squats, and some accessory work to help build overall strength to apply in other workouts and everyday life.


Increase your overall aerobic capacity. Great mix of high intensity intervals and steady state cardio on the bike or rower.



Coach's choice - breaking down a movement; working through progressions; focusing on technique and skills.

Next Level

Are you ready for YOUR next level?!! Are you ready to take some big strides towards a healthier & more fit version of yourself?! Are you tired of fad diets?! Do you avoid working out?! Perhaps you workout alot, but never take that next step with your nutrition?! Are you ready to challengeE yourself in new ways?! Are you ready to make SUSTAINABLE changes?!

If so, NEXT LEVEL could be for you!!!

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